Thursday, September 9, 2010


Ok, I am going to break away from the list today!

Last Thursday night was an answer to my prayers! Patrick came home and after a long talk, I think we are better than we have been in a long time! I know Sam and him are! Lane is ecstatic, not just because he is back, but because our relationship is one that even when he does move out again, it will be on good terms.

I know we all have gone through the typical "I'm 18" scenario, but as a parent, it was the hardest tough love I have ever given... But, when I talked to him and told him to come home and that I would never turn my back on him, I think he finally realized that what I have been saying this whole time is true, that I love him unconditionally, and will go to the ends of the earth for him. I may not have given birth to him, but he is straight out of my heart!

On another note, he came home with a trash back of dirty clothes and I have never been so thankful to do his laundry! ha! But I know he is comfortable now, because of course there are socks, shoes, etc. everywhere!

I just love those two stinky, spoiled rotten boys of mine!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Four turn offs

1. Stinky B.O. PUKE!

2. Too much body hair...

3. Scraggly facial hair...

4. A guy who dips... yucky.

~ Conni

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Five people who mean a lot to me (in no order whatsoever)

1. My husband!

2. My sons!

3. My BF Tracy!

4. My sister Kristy!

5. My Dad!

I love these people for very speacial reasons and each one of them are unique!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Six things I wish I had never done.

1. Let other's talk me into things.
2. Thought that I could make everything ok for a certain someone 5 years ago.
3. Being mean to my brother and sister when we were growing up.
4. Acted like I knew it all when I really didn't at 18,19 and 20...
5. Moved out of my hometown.
6. Sold my Honda that i loooved!

Hope everyone is having a great day! One more day and I'm off for the weekend!


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Seven things that cross my mind a lot.

1. I want to be debt free!

2. My boys.

3. I have a great family who love and support me!

4. I am proud of myself for the things that I have accomplished in my life!

5. I want to move and just start all over somewhere exciting!

6. Groceries. (I know ha but i do think about getting groceries all the time!)

7. How long will my poodle peaches live? She is 16 for goodness sakes!


Monday, August 30, 2010

Eight ways to win my heart.

8 Ways to Win My Heart!

1. Tell my you love me!

2. Give me chocolate!

3. Cook me a meal!

4. Do the laundry!

5. Give me your undivided attention!

6. Don't take for granted my love...

7. Surprise me!

8. Show compassion for others!

~ Conni

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nine things about me!

1. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 16 years.
2. I have had alot of heartache and been through alot in my life but going through those things has made me so thankful for the life i live today!
3. I have two amazing son's Patrick and Lane! I would move heaven and earth for them and their safety.
4 I love a good glass of wine!
5. I want to own my own cupcake shop with my sister! (I love cupcakes!)
6. I have a passion for photography and below are two of my favorite pics I have ever taken! (i would love to take your pic too)
7. I had to do invitro fertilization to have Lane. Wow that was an experience!!
8. I love high school football and have Friday Night Fever!
9. My family (every last one of them) means the world to me!